Welcome back to the stage of history...

So you have stumbled upon the page of Marc Anthony Amos Soriano (Marc Soriano for short).

    I am a recent graduate student from the University of California, RIverside, having recieved a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science in 2009. My specialization is in computer graphics, with many of my projects focusing on physically simulated character animations in a real time setting, as well as my thesis.

    I recieved two Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and in Mathematics, with the former specializing in graphics and artificial intellegence, and the latter in computational mathematics. I recieved both degrees in Winter 2006.

    I am currently a part-time instructor at Riverside Community College, Norco Campus, teaching primarily computer programming and video game design.

    Additionally, I am also a partner in ELWSoftware.com, which develops software focused towards Stock Options Predition. The goal is to anticipate stock movement for long term investments in stock options.

Feel free to look around in my page, for questions or comments, contact me at sorianom@cs.ucr.edu