Satya R. Mohanty
PhD (Comp. Sc. & Engg.) [Spring `07] University of California, Riverside
MS (Computer Science)[Fall `06] University of California, Riverside
MS (Electrical Engineering) [Winter `99] University of Kentucky
B. Tech (Electrical Engineering) [Summer `95] IIT Kharapur

Research Focus

Primarily after my PhD my specialization has focussed on Routing Protocols esp. the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and technologies that are related like L3VPN, L2VPN and now EVPN. My academic interests hover around Quality of service issues in computer networks, resource scheduling, DWDM, optimization, approximation algorithms. Previously I have worked in discrete event control systems.


Computer Science and Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Career Interests

Research or development on practical networking problems related to network protocols. Here is a brief resume in word resume.doc


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Linux Documentation Project
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