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Software Projects

Listed on this page are various software projects that have grown to the stage where they are a) somewhat useful and b) decently documented.

[Computer Utility Programs:]
~Bonobo Load
A small utility program to automatically do common tasks to a C++ project (generate makefile, generate file documentation headers, upload to remote server, and test on remote server).

[Propeller MCU Objects:]
~GPS Assembly
GPS object that runs in the background (in it's own cog) and automatically parses NMEA GGA and RMC strings
~MCP3208 Fast Multi Chip Autosample
Automatically samples all channels on three MCP3208 ADC external chips. Gives the propeller an additional 24 channels of 10 bit analog data.
Uses a USB memory stick to automatically log hub memory. Uses one cog, and is useful for recording Spin variable values during embedded testing.

(c)2010 Cody Lewis