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Hardware Projects

Welcome. This page lists various projects that I have worked on and completed. Everything provided is full documentation (or as close as I can get to it) and is intended to provide a detailed description of the project.

The Centimani Servo Power Board - a foray into learning how to document.

Simple Calculator - a five function calculator.

XBee DSLR Control - a project that uses Propellers and Xbees to remotely control a camera.
 Swiftsure BS2e Robot - A high school senior project.

The Bacchus Clock - a binary LED clock.

 Autodatalogger- a Propeller object that autonomously logs data in the background.

Dual Bicycle Rack - a homebuilt stand

2011 Micromouse - a IEEE Compliant Micromouse implementation

(c)2010 Cody Lewis