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Scroll Saw Projects

Scroll Saw Patterns

This page has a variety of all the different scroll saw projects that I have worked on. Some are from patterns found in books or online, some are of my own design.

Most of the projects are finished with Danish Oil from Watco. The oil is easy to apply, has a nice matte finish and makes the wood very hard. It's also really difficult to mess up, which is handy for those of us with no artistic skill (myself)

A collection of different, simple boxes finished with Watco Danish oil.
A pencil box.

3-D "carving" on the scroll saw can create some pleasing shapes.
Mini gourds from China and a teardrop box.

Watco Danish oil finish on red oak. Starting from the left and going clockwise the colors are dark walnut, cherry, golden oak, and cherry again.

(c)2010 Cody Lewis