Current Medical Technology

Technology Pros Cons
Venturi On market Problems with timing out.
Suki Noise Easier on patients Currently in research
BiPap Used for sleep apthea. Not for those with bad illnesses?

Code Conversion Available

Name Technology Pros Cons
S-function C code written in MATLAB Code easily understood. Easy mistakes, takes time.
Matlab Compiler Auto compiles m-files to C/C++ Quick time to C/C++ Code not easy to follow
Matlab Embedded Coder Used by multiple companies Needs real time workshops
Syscon2000 Code Generator Quick Hard to follow, aimed for Syscon products
TI Application Formats codes for TI boards Applicable to TI boards
AccelFPGA MATLAB to RTL Optimizes resources Only applied to code

Code Conversion Research

Banerjee, "Automatic Conversion of Floating Point MATLAB Programs into Fixed Point FPGA Based Hardware Design" IEEE Synmposium on FCCM 2003. Decrease in resource usuage. No discussion of method, all DSP applications.

Grout, "Modeling Simulation and Synthesis: From Simulink to VHDL Generated Hardware" SCI 2001. Produces VHDL files that can be synthesized. Rounding errors, capacitance delays not counted for.

Grout, "A Matlab To VHDL Conversion Toolbox for Digital Control" CACSD 2000. Two loop process maps arch./entities and optimizes by mapping functions to existing arch. Code is not optimized.

Guo, "Comparison of Dataflow Architecture and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder in Power Electronics System Control Software Design" CPES Power Electronics Seminar and NSF/Industry 2003.

Harris, "Compilation from Matlab to Process Networks Realized in FPGA" Kluwer Journal on Design Automation of Embedded Systems, Vol 7, Issue 4 2002. COMPAAN software tool uses networks for design optimization. Only discusses MATLAB code.

Kienhuis, "Compaan: Deriving Process Networks from MATLAB for Embedded Signal Processing Architectures" CODES 2000. Derive Process Networks from MATLAB code. Only applied to code.

Krukowski, "Simulink/MATLAB to VHDL Route for Full-Custom/FPGA Rapid Prototyping of DSP Algorithms" Matlab DSP Conference 1999. Successful for direct mapping of small DSP programs. Currently only for bits, code needs alterations.

Ventilator Control Papers

Shelly, M. and P. Nightingale.
ABC of Intesnive Care Respiratory Support.
British Medical Journal, Volume 318 June 1999.
Discusses how ventilators are hooked up, how they work, proper usuage, and proper caring for patients on ventilators.

Brunner, J.
History and Principles of Closed-Loop Control Applied to Mechanical Ventilation.
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Intensive Care, February 2002.
Discusses history of ventilation control including closed-loop control. Discusses the different methods seen such as ASV and PAV.

Belliato, M., A. Palo, A. Braschi.
Po_I - Control Mode Ventilation.
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Intensive Care, April 2002.
Discusses the Po.I (drop in airway pressure in the first 100 ms of an inspiratory effort against the occluded airway opening) control mode and its limitations. Explains necessity for closed-loop control.