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My favourite books

  • Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach by Peterson and Hennessy.

    I like this book very much, because It gave me a great insight into almost all the concepts of computer architecture. I am very impressed by the way authors explained about performance evaluation, memory hierarchy, pipelining, thread-level parallelism, and I/O Systems with good examples from MIPS.

  • The design of the UNIX operating system by Bach.

    I like the pseudo code given in this book for various system calls such as fork(), and other important kernel functions. The exercise problems in particular are excellent. Totally, the book gives a clear picture of operating system functionality.

  • A Little Book of Semaphores by Downey.

    This book explains how to solve the concurrency problems using semaphores in an excellent way.

  • The Practice of Programming by Rob Pike and Kernighan.

    This book is an important resource for every Computer Science fellow. The book clearly explains the precautions we should take care in each and every step before/while building programs. Really this is awesome.

  • Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment by Richard Stevens.

    This book is famous with the name APUE. This is an excellent book, and the author explains the functions of the kernel along with its internals in a clear way with good examples.

  • The Mythical Man-Month by Frederic Brooks.

    This is an excellent book for professional managers, professional programmers, and of course for students like me. I am impressed with the chapters 'Surgical Team', 'The Second-System Effect', 'Why Did the Tower of Babel Fail', and almost all the chapters of the book. It is also completely worthwhile to read it like a novel.


Apart from Computer Science, I am very much interested in Astronomy. I love to watch and dream about lots of stars, planets, and milky ways. I have always dreamt of becoming an astronaut :-). After reading all I could find about the Mars Path Finder, I was really excited! The article What really happened on Mars? increased my interest in operating systems and as well as in astronomy.