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 Winter Semester 2008
Computational Geometry
CS 133 TR 11:10 AM - 12:30 PM   SPR 1358
Instructor:  Dimitrios Gunopulos TA: Huseyin Hakkoymaz
Office:  EBUII 324 Office: EBUII 363
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 Lecture Announcements:
Mar 8, 2009
     Due to an unfortunate accident, I won't be able make it to the lab for a while. If
you need any help regarding to the project, you can send me an e-mail and we can
discuss further through messenger. Thanks for your understanding!
Feb 16, 2009
     OpenGl slides and OpenGL example uploaded. If you need help with OpenGL
functions, you may be interested in "OpenGL Functions" link. It explains the purpose
of each function and how to use them in details.
Jan 3, 2009
     Course Materials updated. You can check the supplementary links for the
assignments. If you still have questions, I am out there to help you. 
     Assignment 01 | PDF | Doc |
      Due:March 12,2009 Thursday
      Supplementary Documents:
         - OpenGL Slides
         - OpenGL Functions
         - OpenGL Example (Trianguation.cpp)
 Course Materials:
     Convex Hull
        - VoroGlide: Interactive Applet for Voronoi Diag./Delaunay Tri./Convex Hull          - QuickHull Algorithm Applet and Pseudocode (Java) 
     Voronoi Diagram and Delaunay Triangulation
        - Voronoi Diagrams: Applications from Archaology to Zoology 
        - Nearest Neighbors and Voronoi Diagrams 
        - A visual implementation of Fortune's Voronoi algorithm (Java) 
        - Voronoi diagram/Delaunay triangulation applet (Java) 
        - Fortune's 2D Voronoi diagram code (C/C++) 
     Visualization Tools
        -OpenGL Tutorial 
        -Java OpenGL 
        -Java 2D API 
Course Description:
CS 133 Computational Geometry 4 Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 3 hours.
Prerequisite(s): CS 141, MATH 113, or equivalents. Introduction to the design of
geometry algorithms. Covers the basic computational geometry concepts and
techniques used in graphics, robotics, and engineering design. Topics include
polygons and polytops, convex hulls, and voronoi diagrams.
      Computational Geometry in C, Joseph O'Rourke, Cambridge University
Press, 1998, ISBN 0521649765-9780521649766
        % 35     Assignments
        % 30     Quizzes
        % 35      Final     Date: 03/19/2009 11:30A.M. - 02:30P.M.
Academic Integrity:
Copying will not be tolerated and will be checked and punished rigorously.The
UC, Riverside has a very strict policy on academic dishonesty. All work must be
strictly individual. Violations of this policy will result in an F grade for the class.

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