My research interests include:

  • Semi-supervised clustering
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Proximity extraction/approximation in graph structure
  • Bioinformatics
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Indexing and query processing in spatial databases

    Ongoing Research Project:

  • Semi-Supervised Clustering using Physical Concepts  (submitted to KDD'08)
  • Energy-Aware routing in wireless sensor network based on boundary information  (in preparation)
  • Non-Linear SVM in High Dimensional Space  (in preparation)


    Paper Presentations for courses:
     1. A. Ramachandran, N. Feamster, "Understanding the Network-Level Behavior of     Spammers", In Proc. ACM SIGCOMM'06,Pisa, Italy, September 2006
     2. C. Gkantsidis, T. Karagiannis, P. Rodriguez, M. Vojnovic, "Planet Scale Software     Updates", In Proc. ACM SIGCOMM'06,Pisa, Italy, September 2006
     3. S. Ratnasamy, M. Handley, R. Karp, and S. Shenker, "Topologically-aware overlay     construction and server selection", In Proc. INFOCOMí02, 2002

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