Courses Taught

CSCI-693 (Graduate): Research Methods in Computer Science CSUChico
CSCI-650 (Graduate): Design and Analysis of Algorithms CSUChico
CSCI-551: Numerical and Parallel Programming CSUChico
CSCI-582: Bioinformatics CSUChico
CSCI580: Artificial Intelligence CSUChico
CSCI550: Design and Analysis of Algorithms CSUChico
CSCI550: Theory of Computing CSUChico
CSCI398: Conquering Coding Interviews CSUChico
CSCI311: Algorithms and Data Structures CSUChico
CSCI217: Foundations of Computing CSUChico
CSCI211: Programming and Algorithms II CSUChico
CSCI111: Programming and Algorithms I CSUChico
ETT101: Computer Applications for ET Cal Poly Pomona
CS241: Data Structures and Algorithms II Cal Poly Pomona
CS130: Discrete Structures Cal Poly Pomona
CS408: Programming Languages Cal Poly Pomona
CS141: Intermediate Data Structures and Algorithms UCR
CS111: Discrete Structures UCR

Teaching Phylosophy

My goals as an educator are: