TAship - Winter 2005


    Winter 2005, Computer Networks

    Instructor: Mart Molle

    Schedule:  T&R 2:10-3:30 pm, SPR 2355

    Office Hours: W, 12:00-1:00 pm, Surge 357



** Posted on Feb 14: Grades of Assignment-1 for section 22 will be announced as soon as a couple of remaining points in some submissions are resolved.

** Posted on Jan 14: There is NO LAB on Monday, Jan 17th. For this week only, we will be merging the two lab sessions into one, on Wed. Jan 19th. There will be an in-lab assignment, and all students in either section are expected to attend the lab on 19th.

** Make sure you register to the course mailing list. Follow the link:      https://www.cs.ucr.edu/mailman/listinfo/cs164



  1. Lab attendance is not required. But students will be expected to fulfill in-lab exercises each week, which will count for the grades.
  2. Students are expected to have read the material uploaded for the upcoming lab session.
  3. It might be very helpful to check e-mail and this web page before every lab for any announcements.



      Week 1: No lab.

     Week 2: Introduction to Socket Programming

     Week 3: Implementation of a basic client-server interaction. (It is recommended that students go through the echo-client and echo-server codes from the reference book "TCP/IP Sockets in C".)

     Week 4: Implementation of a concurrent server -- to handle a number-guessing contest among multiple users.

     Here is an overview of why child processes are necessary and how they are handled by the main process (the parent). This material is intended to give you an opinion of what you are asked to implemented for Assignment 1.

     Below are some links that might be useful for those who would like to refresh their Operating Systems knowledge on the usage of fork():

     Week 5: Midterm Review.

     Week 6: Assignment 2 -- Implementation of a Simple Token Ring Simulator

     Week 7: In-lab assignment using select function. (also check announcements above, for grades on Assignment1.)

     Week 8: In-lab assignment using SMTP protocol.

     Week 9: Introduction of the term project.