Zheng Fu
Zheng Fu

EBUII room 362
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, Riverside
Riverside,CA 92521
Email: zfu@cs.ucr.edu
Phone: (951)827-2882

I am a fifth year Ph.D student at department of computer science and engineering, university of California, Riverside. My thesis advisor is Prof. Tao Jiang. My research interests include algorithm design and computational biology. In my opinion, these two research area rely on each other. New computational challenges arise from biological data, and more effective and efficient algorithms are urgently needed to tackle them.

Besides my research, I am enjoying the life in Southern California, the inexhaustible sunshine, clearest sky, flourishing palms, golden desert and the beautiful Pacific. The last but not least, here is the hometown of the most exciting NBA team Lakers.

I am interested in all kinds of the music (The corrs is my all-time favorite band and Maroon 5 is my current love), reading novels, especially Agatha Christies meticulous detective stories, movies, traveling, tennis, and of course, shopping.

I am also taking piano lessons now. Although it is a little late for me to start learning piano, I have very high enthusiasm and I practice a lot. My final objective is being able to play all the beautiful hymns.

Research Interests
  • Algorithms, Computation Theory
  • Computational Molecular Biology
  • Zheng Fu and Tao Jiang,
    Clustering main orthologs for multiple genomes [Paper]
    Accepted by 6th annual international conference on computational systems bioinformatics (CSB), 2007.
  • Zheng Fu, Xin Chen, Vladimir Vacic, Peng Nan, Yang Zhong, and Tao Jiang,
    MSOAR: A high-throughput ortholog assignment system based on genome rearrangement
    Submitted under review.
  • Zheng Fu and Tao Jiang,
    Computing the breakping distance between partially ordered genomes [Paper]
    Proceedings of The 5th Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference, pp. 237-246, 2007.
  • Zheng Fu, Xin Chen, Vladimir Vacic, Peng Nan, Yang Zhong, and Tao Jiang,
    A parsimony approach to genome-wide ortholog assignment. [Paper]
    RECOMB 2006, LNBI3909, pp. 578-594, 2006.
  • Xin Chen, Jie Zheng, Zheng Fu, Peng Nan, Yang Zhong, Stefano Lonardi and Tao Jiang,
    Assignment of orthologous genes via genome rearrangement [Paper]
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (TCBB), Vol. 2 No. 4, pp. 302-315, 2005.
  • X. Chen, J. Zheng, Z. Fu, P. Nan, Y. Zhong, S. Lonardi and T. Jiang,
    Computing the assignment of orthologous genes via genome rearrangement [Paper]
    Proceedings of Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference, Jan 18-20, pp. 363-378, 2005 (invited).
  • MSOAR is a high-throughput system for ortholog assignment on a genome scale.
  • 9/2002-CURRENT: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, UC Riverside
  • 9/1999-6/2002: M.S. in Computer Applications, Renmin University of China
  • 9/1995-7/1999: B.S. in Information Systems, Renmin University of China
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