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After graduation, Xi Chen joined Novas Software, Inc. in October 2005.

Xi Chen graduated in August 2005 with his Ph.D. degree from in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of California, Riverside.  His thesis advisor is Prof. Harry Hsieh and he is expected to graduate in the summer of 2005.  Xi Chen received the BE degree with honor in Computer Science and Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2000.  He was a member of the "Mixed Class" of Zhejiang University, an honored program that consisted of the top engineering students and emphasized on research capability training.  Xi Chen received the MS degree in Computer Science from University of California, Riverside in 2002 under the supervision of Prof. Hsieh.  He was awarded the Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship every year in Zhejiang University and a 5-year Chancellorís Distinguished Fellowship in University of California, Riverside.

From 2001 to 2005, Xi Chen was working as a Graduate Student Instructor (a.k.a. teaching assistant) for various upper level undergraduate CS courses, such as operating systems, computer architectures, embedded systems, simulation and modeling, and data structures and algorithms.  His responsibilities included designing and preparing lab experiments, guiding students through their lab activities, evaluating studentsí homework, lab reports and exams, and lecturing.

From 2002 to 2005, Xi Chen was working as a Graduate Student Researcher (a.k.a. research assistant).  He worked on many research projects and published 10+ technical papers in conference proceedings, journals and a book.  His research interests include embedded system architectures and design automation, with emphasis on verification of embedded system designs at multiple levels of abstraction, architecture modeling and exploration, and system-level design methodologies.  Xi Chen served as a technical paper reviewer for Design Automation Conference, Design Automation and Test in Europe and Journal of Design Automation for Embedded Systems.  He also served as a volunteer for the organization of the conference CODES-ISSS '03.

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