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Update 9/18/04

I think I have fixed the problems with multiple monitors and several other crashes that were occuring. I also added the capability of specifying the resolution of each monitor. You can test the new version here. Email me at greg_stitt@hotmail.com if you experience any problems. If I don't hear about any problems, I will replace the previous version.

Update 8/30/04:

Several people are having problems with the screensaver crashing when running on multiple monitors. This problem seems to be very rare, but I am still working on fixing it. If anyone has found a way to work around this problem by changing resolutions, changing graphics settings, etc. let me know so that I can fix the problem more quickly. Thanks.

If you are having problems with the new version you can still download the old version here.

Update 8/14/04:

Version 1.14 is completed. Thanks to everyone would donated money and helped test the new version. Sorry I couldn't include every feature that was suggested. Hopefully, all the suggestions will make it into the next version. You can download the screen saver here. Some of the new features include:

  1. Multiple monitor support (can show the same image on each monitor, different images on each monitor, or spread a single image across all monitors)
  2. Support for iTunes
  3. Support for file shortcuts
  4. Images can now be stretched to the current resolution
  5. Crossfade time can be specified
Thanks to everyone who donated money and helped test the new version.
Thanks to www.fontgod.com for designing the nice new logo at the top of the page. Check out his site.
Thanks also to greggman.com for contributing the code for handling file and folder shortcuts. He has also implemented a Windows version of the Apple screen saver.


This screensaver is essentially a Windows version of the Apple OS X slideshow screensaver. When I first saw the screensaver, I had to have a copy of it, but unfortunately I didn't have an Apple. Instead of buying a new computer, I wrote my own version for the PC.

The screensaver displays a cinematic slideshow of jpeg images. The cinematic motion includes zooming in, zooming out, and panning. This motion adds a suprisingly effective mood to each image. In addition, you can listen to music from a CD, from mp3 files, or from an iTunes playlist.

This screensaver is free, but if you like it enough to donate money, please use the following button. I will be very appreciative.

Contact Info:

If have any questions regarding the use of MotionPicture screen saver, or have discovered a bug, please send me an email at greg_stitt@hotmail.com. Also, I would appreciate any suggestions that would make the screen saver better. Just make sure to include something about MotionPicture in the Subject of the email, otherwise it may be deleted.


  • GeForce2 or better graphics card (I know this seems unnecessary but a partiticular implementation issue has only been supported since the GeForce2).
  • DirectX 8.1 or higher (If you don't currently have this or have no idea what it is, you can download it here).
  • Windows 95/98, XP, 2000

If the screen saver runs too choppy, or if images are not being displayed correctly, try using smaller images or lowering the quality slider. Although the screen saver may seem simple, it is actually quite computationally expensive.

Known Bugs

  • I have received a report of the screensaver crashing when used on multiple monitors. This seems to be extremely rare.
  • Occasionally, images are not loaded into memory correctly. This can cause several graphical issues. Depending on the device and drivers, this could result in a white screen, or in some cases the screen will flash red. This issue seems to arise from low performance machines or from using images that are too large.
  • Reading MP3s over a network may cause a DirectX Assertion error, or MP3s may just never play.

If you experience these or any other problems, please email me at greg_stitt@hotmail.com, and give me a description of what happened. I will do my best to fix these problems.

Version Information:

  • Version 1.1 : Improves on version 1.0 by removing support for WAV music files and adding support for MP3s and CDs. If anyone wants WAV support, let me know and I will put it back in.
  • Version 1.11 : Fixed bug that causes crash the first time you run the screen saver.
  • Version 1.12 : Fixed several bugs that caused crashes. Added features for random transitions, quality, vertical bias, and zoom/pan speed.
  • Version 1.13 : Added "Max Zoom Distance" slider and the "Always pan across entire image" checkbox.
  • Version 1.14: Added support for multiple monitors, iTunes, file and folder shortcuts, stretching images, default picture/music directories, and different crossfade speeds.

Recommended Pictures:

The following sites have pictures that look extremely good with MotionPicture screen saver.

  1. Digital Blasphemy
  2. The Art of Craig Mullins
  3. Visual Paradox
  4. Savinoff.com
  5. ANS Graphics
  6. MikeBonnell.com
  7. Vision Afar
  8. Astronomy Picture of the Day
  9. NASA Image Galllery
  10. Visible Earth, pictures of Earth from space.
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