I received my PhD degree! My thesis title is "Modeling social and temporal context for video analysis".
One UAI paper on inference in conditional intensity models and one TCSVT paper on video tracking accepted.
One paper accepted to CRV2014 and one paper accepted to CVPR2014. (Feb.2014)
I will do an intern at Google at Mountain View, CA this summer. (Jan.2014)
Gave a tutorial on Vowpal Wabbit with Nikos Karampatziakis, Paul Mineiro, and John Langford during NIPS. (Dec.2013)
I will present our large-scale online bootstrapping work at the Big Learning Workshop at NIPS. This is a joint work with Dr. Vaclav Petricek from eHarmony and Dr. Nikos Karampatziakis, Dr. Lihong Li, and Dr. John Langford from Microsoft Research. (Nov.2013)
I will work as a Machine Learning Intern this summer for eHarmony at Santa Monica, CA. I will work on machine learning problems to help people find their soul mates, under the supervision of Dr. Vaclav Petricek.(May.2013)
Looking for a summer intern position. (either research or engineer position) (May.2013)
Two papers accepted to ICIP2013 (May.2013)
One oral paper, one regular paper, one short paper, and one workshop paper accepted to ICME2013. (Apr.2013)
I have accepted the summer R&D intern offer at Sharp Laboratories of America at Camas, Washington. I will do research on developing machine learning and computer vision algorithms for automatic defect classification problems working with Dr. Peter van Beek, from June to September. (Apr.2012)
One paper is accepted to ICIP2012. (Apr.2012)
I advanced to a Ph.D. candidate. Thanks to all my commitee members! (Mar.2012)
Looking for a research intern during Summer 2012 or next academic year (starting from Fall 2012), interested in ALL Machine Learning and Computer Vision problems. CV available upon request. (Feb.2012)
One paper is accepted to CVPR2012! (Feb.2012)
Two papers in submission (Feb.2012)
I presented our work at 1st Southern California Machine Learning Workshop at UCI. (Sep. 2011)
One paper is accepted to ICICS2011. (Aug. 2011)