Yousra Lembachar

I am a Fulbright Alumnus and Scientific Researcher. My research interests are mainly in Software Verification, Formal Methods and Programming Languages. I received my Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from University of California Riverside and I'm currently teaching database classes in l'Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l'Ingenieur.

Recent projects

I was recently working on the integration of several verification tools, developed in the Computer Science Laboratory of Paris XIII University, to the CosyVerif Plateform, with Prof. Laure Petrucci. More details on this project can be found here.

Master project

I completed the requirements for my Master of Science Degree in University of California, Riverside. I worked with Prof. Gianfranco Ciardo in the Logic and Stochastic Verification Lab on several projects listed on my resume.

My master project consisted of the design and the implementation of a C++ pointer-based decision diagram library that provides a wide range of operations to manipulate Binary Decision Diagrams and a large set of their extensions such as Multiway Decision Diagrams, Interval Decision Diagrams, Terminal Valued Decision Diagrams and Edge-Valued Decision Diagrams.