Annotating Historical Archives of Images

This is the supporting website for the paper:"Annotating Historical Archives of Images" Download

  1. Historical Manuscripts:
  2. Automatic shape extraction:
  3. Experiments on insects:
  4. Experiments on heraldic shields:
  5. Experiments on arrowheads:

Historical Manuscripts


In our paper we assumed the shapes had been extracted correctly from the historical manuscripts, in this PowerPoint presentation we give a mini tutorial on how to do this with simple Matlab scripts.

Automatic shape extraction


In the paper we glossed over the process that allows automatic extraction of shapes from images. This video shows that this is possible even from degraded image.

Thanks to Abdullah Al Mueen (UCR) for producing the video.

Experiments on insects


The 84 drawn insects dataset is here

The 852 real insects dataset is here


The pairs given by the algorithm when w = 0.4. are here

The pairs given by the algorithm when w = 0.2. are here

Experiments on heraldic shields


The 100 drawn heraldic shields dataset is here

The 2350 large heraldic shields dataset is here

  1. The color template is here
  2. The pattern template is here


The pairs given by the algorithm are here

Experiments on arrowheads


The 30 drawn arrowheads dataset is here

The 5 real arrowheads dataset is here


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