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Wanxing (Sarah) Xu

Office Hour: Tue & Thu 2:00 - 3:00 pm, RM 110, EBU2
Email Address: wxu@cs.ucr.edu

CS 008, Fall 2007
Lab Section 40: Monday, 8:10 - 11:00 am, RM 133, EBU2
Lab Section 48: Wednesday, 8:10 - 11:00 am, RM 133, EBU2


Please evaluate me at ievals.ucr.edu. This online evaluation is available now and until Sunday, December 9th, 11:59 p.m. Please take the time to log on and complete your evaluations. This information is taken very seriously.

Please be nice. Thank you so much!

Scores for HTML mini labs

There are 5 HTML mini labs, each of them worth 4 points for a total of 20, which appears as for "lab 10". Please remember to check this score from me (it will also appear in Toby's website). You can make up these HTML mini labs in the lab or in my office hour.



To download a file, right click the link and choose "Save target as..." and save the file to your web drive.

Week Dates Lab Assignment Manual Files Needed HTML Last Date for
Score Corrections
1 Oct 1-5 Word Chap.1 (1A & 1B) P233-286 w01B_Party_Themes.doc
  Friday, Oct 26
2 Oct 8-12 Word Chap.2 (2A & 2B) P317-374 w02A_Alaska_Trip.doc
  Friday, Oct 26
3 Oct 15-19 Excel Chap.1 (1A & 1B) P587-664 e01B_Gas_Usage.xls   Friday, Nov 2
4 Oct 22-26 Excel Chap.2 (2A & 2B) P695-736   Assignment Friday, Nov 9
5 Oct 29-Nov 2 Access Chap.1 (1A & 1B) P865-927 a01A_Academic_Departments.mdb Assignment Friday, Nov 16
6 Nov 5-9 Access Chap.2 (2A) P969-1022 a02A_Club_Fundraiser.mdb Assignment Monday, Nov 26
7 Nov 12-16 Powerpoint Chap.1 (1A) P1137-1179 p01A_Expansion.ppt Assignment Friday, Nov 30
8 Nov 19-23 No labs (Thanksgiving week)
9 Nov 26-30 Powerpoint Chap.2 (2A & 2B) P1209-1238 p02A_Content.ppt
Assignment Friday, Dec 7
10 Dec 3-7 HTML Tutorial - click here   The Standalone Mozilla   Sunday, Dec 9


1. Rules for the lab can be found on Toby's webpage.

2. Your account.

3. If you login to Linux, you should login Windows: Right click anywhere on the screen, and choose "Open Terminal". In the terminal, type one of the following command.

4. In windows, go to Start->all programs->Microsoft Office-> and choose the program you need.

5. There may be some files needed to do the projects, find the right file below, right click the link and choose "save target as..." and save it to your web driver.

6. Finish all the project for the lab section. Let me check your work before you leave.

7. You can skip the "Print" operation, but you need to show me the print preview.

8. Please check your scores for the lab frequently (from Toby's webpage go to "Grade Inquiry"). Please contact me ASAP if you have questions about your score. The score for each lab cannot be changed after a certain date (see the table above).