Assumption-Free Anomaly Detection in Time Series

Li Wei      Nitin Kumar      Venkata Lolla      Eamonn Keogh      Stefano Lonardi      Chotirat Ann Ratanamahatana

University of California,  Riverside

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Riverside, CA 92521, USA

{wli, nkumar, vlolla, eamonn, stelo, ratana}

This web page contains full color examples and dataset of the figures presented in the paper along with many others that follow this work.

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Data sets used for experimental evaluation in the paper:

  1. Figure 1. ECG Dataset 1

  2. Figure 3. DNA Data

  3. Figure 6. ECG Dataset 2

  4. Figure 7. ECG Dataset 3

Anomaly Detection Tool

  1. Description: a tool to detect anomalies in time series.

  2. Instructions to use this tool:

  1. Before running the applet, you should

  1. Sample datasets and settings

  1. The anomaly detection applet

No Java Plug-in support for applet, see

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