Time-series Bitmaps: a Practical Visualization Tool for Working with Large
Time Series Databases

Nitin Kumar        Venkata Nishanth Lolla        Eamonn Keogh        Stefano Lonardi        Chotirat Ann Ratanamahatana
University of California - Riverside
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Riverside, CA 92521, USA
{nkumar, vlolla, eamonn, stelo, ratana}@cs.ucr.edu

This web page contains full color examples and dataset of the figures presented in the paper along with many others that follow this work.

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Data sets used for Experimental Evaluation in the paper:

  1. Figure 6. Mitochondrial DNA

  2. Figure 10, 11. dataset_kalpakis

  3. Figure 12. Heterogeneous Data

  4. Figure 13. Homogeneous Data

  5. Table 3. ECG

  6. Table 3. Surveillance

  7. Figure 14. MIT ECG Arrhythmia Data

  8. Figure 15. Anamoly Detection

Click on the link below to view the Java Applet for Anomaly Detection: