Time Series Shapelets: A New Primitive for Data Mining

Lexiang Ye       Eamonn Keogh


Experiment Details and Code Repository

Due to space limitations, we omitted some experiment details and additional experiments, which are all provided in this slides.

The Shapelet Toolkit is available. Click here to download.

Projectile Point

In the paper we consider the problem of projectile point (arrowhead) classification. Space limitations prevented an extensive discussion of the topic, here is a detailed review of the literature on projectile point classification.
We provide original images of the arrowheads, converted train/test time series here.

Mining Historical Documents

In the paper we consider the utility of shapelets for an ongoing projects in mining and annotating historical documents. The original images of the shields and the train/test time series datasets can be downloaded here.

Other Datasets

We include all the other time seires datasets mentioned in the paper and slides here

Wheat Spectrography             Gun-Point             Mallet             Coffee             Gait