Autocannibalistic and Anyspace Indexing Algorithms


We convert the audio signal to four dimensional feature vector.
Dataset index contains 1000 insect sound time series. Dataset query contains 100150 insect sound time series.
Here are some sample sound files from the insect experiment. Here, here and here are examples of true positives, they are (almost certainly) male Aedes aegypti
Here is an outlier, which appears to be the firing of a carbon dioxide gun.  Carbon dioxide is used and an attractant. Here is an outlier, cause unknown.
To download the index and query time series data, please click here.


Dataset index contains 700 unobstructed and obstructed robot motion time series.
Dataset query contains 19278 robot motion time series. Most are from unobstructed and obstructed classes, and a few are outliers that belong to neither of these two classes above.


This dataset is from UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository. It is a two-dimensional dataset.
Dataset index contains 1000 time series.
Dataset query contains 46497 time seies.

Normally distributed random synthtic data

The index dataset is of size 5000. It is consist of two two-dimensional normal value arrays, each of size 2500. One of the array is with mean (0,0) and standard deviation (1,1), the other is with mean (3,3) and standard deviation (1,1).
the query dataset is of size 50000. And it has the exactly same distribution as the index dataset.