The Asymmetric Approximate Anytime Join


Dataset A contains 35 DRAWING butterfly time series.

Dataset B contains 726 REAL butterfly time series, together with some other time seties. 44941 in total. Download

To see all the REAL butterflies in the dataset B, please click here

Light Curve

Dataset A1 contains 100 NORMAL light curve time series.
Dataset A2 contains 99 normal time series plus 1 OUTLIER,

Dataset B is the complete light curve time series dataset of size 9236. Before doing the join algorithm, please exclude the 100 time series used as dataset A (A1 or A2). Download


Dataset A contains 30 objects, standing for the phrase "SGT PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB HAND".

Dataset B contains 19970 other manuscript letters. Download

Random Walk

Since the size of dataset B is huge, for convenience, we provide the source code here to generate the dataaets A and B.