Welcome to my Homepage

Who I am?

My fullname is Eduardo Jose Ruiz Irigoyen. I am a PhD student in Computer Science at UCR since 2011. My advisor is Dr. Vagelis Hristidis. I was born an raised in Caracas Venezuela and received my Engineer and Msc Degree from the Universidad Simon Bolivar.

Research Interests

My current research interests are: Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Data Mining and Databases (Optimization). For more details click here.

Personal Stuff

If you are interested you can contact me on facebook.OA


  • Office: WCH 363
  • Phone Number: (951) 827-2838
  • Email Address: eruiz009 at cs.ucr.edu
  • Full Address:
    Computer Science and Engineering
    University of California at Riverside
    900 University Avenue
    Wiston Chung Hall 363
    Riverside CA 92507
  • Office Hours: 11am-7pm

Some Final Shallow Thoughts

  • You can and you must learn something every day