TAship - Fall 2005


    Fall 2005, Computer Networks

    Instructor: Srikanth Krishnamurthy

    Schedule:  T&R 3:40-5:00 pm, WAT 2240

    Office Hours: W, 10:00-11:00 am, ENG Unit II, room #334



** Make sure you register to the course mailing list. Follow the link:      https://www.cs.ucr.edu/mailman/listinfo/cs164

** Posted on Sept. 28: There will be lab for section 22, on Thursday, Sept. 29th.

** Posted on Oct. 3: The first homework is due Thursday, Oct. 6th, to the beginning of the lecture at 3:40 pm.

** Posted on Oct. 5: My office hours for Section 22 are R, 2:00-3:00pm, in ENG Unit II, room 367.



  1. Lab attendance is required. Students will be expected to fulfill in-lab exercises each week, which will count for 15% of your overall the grade.
  2. Students are expected to have read the material uploaded for the upcoming lab session.
  3. It might be very helpful to check e-mail and this web page before every lab for any announcements.



      Week 1: Traceroute and Implementation of a Client-Server TCP connection.

     Week 2: Implementation of a Client-Forwarder-Server communication, via domain names as opposed to IP addresses.

     Week 3: Implementation of a concurrent server using fork().