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Summer 2006

CS 6: Effective Use of the World Wide Web
Instructor: Jill Brady
Lecture: MTWTh 8:10 - 9:30 P.M ENGR2 141
Teaching Assistant: Aggelos Vlavianos
TA's Office Hours: TBA ENGRII 110.
Lab Section: Tues, Thurs, 10:10-1:00 P.M. EBU II 135

Course Materials:
Syllabus Lab Website Turnin Opinion Postings Grades

Friday July 28: Final Exam.

Thursday July 27: Discussion: the future of the Internet.

Wednesday July 26: Securing your home network.

Tuesday July 25: Group Presentations
Business VOIP. Mom and Pop Shops and Online Ordering. Business and Blogs.

Monday July 24: Group Presentations
Instant Messaging in the Office. Ebay for small businesses. Company-hosted Forums. Online Education for Employees.

Thursday July 20: Quiz 2, Encryption
Group 1: The Future of Net Neutrality.
Group 2: The Net Generation and the School.
Group 3: Googleblatted and SlashDotted, specifically answer the questions asked at the bottom of the page.
Group 4: Technology's Seamier Side

Wednesday July 19: Presenting Presentations
PowerPoint Presentation.

Tuesday July 18: Internet Software
Webpage project.

Monday July 17: E-Commerce

Thursday July 13: MidTerm!
Group 1: RIAA's Statistics Don't Add Up to Piracy.
Group 2: Kids, blogs and too much information.
Group 3: YouTube's Balancing Act: Making Money, Not Enemies
Group 4: Spy vs. Spy

* Please remember, I'm providing articles which are intended to provoke thought and discussion - not necessairly to push any one viewpoint or guideline for behavior.

Wednesday July 12: Business and the Internet

Tuesday July 11: Virtual Communities

Monday July 10: Peer to Peer Networks and File Sharing.

Thursday July 6: The Internet and the News.
Group 1: The New Plagerism.
Group 2: Six Sins of Wikipedia.
Group 3: Viruses and Worms: More Than a Technical Problem
Group 4: Tomorrow's News

Wednesday July 5: Credibility of Web Information.
Quiz 1 today.

Monday July 3: Search Engines.

Thursday June 29: Managing your email.
Group 1 and 2: Morality and Metaphysics of Email.
Group 3: Why Web 2.0 Will End Your Privacy
Group 4: The New Economy: Are Rules Irrelevant?

Wednesday June 28: Defense Against The Dark Arts.
Are you using any of these passwords ?
Free Antivirus Software.
Free Firewall Software.
Free Spyware Checker.

Tuesday June 27: History of the Internet

Monday June 26:
Course Overview.
Introduction to Internet Vocabulary.

TA Office: ENGRII 110 00 | 00 Email: bradyj@cs.ucr.edu