2011-06-10 16:14:23-0700 - Reorganized code and programming

I moved the programming commentary out of the code section, and into the programming section. Many pages have been updated, or reformatted to fit the new style sheet. Some pages have been rewritten.

2011-06-09 23:19:58-0700 - Finally Updated Page Layout!!!!!!

That's right, I finally made the layout consistent, using javascript and css. Notice how much better it looks than before… It is also far more maintainable than it was previously. The stylesheet was derived from one authored by Timm S. Müller, who has kindly given permission to extend the the stylesheet from his webpage for my own use.

Also, there is some actual code on the code page. Yay.

2008-08-29 02:25:21-0700 - Plans to make layout consistent

I have finally decided on a tool to statically generate html code. Suprisingly, I managed to remain unaware of Oleg Kiselyov's excellent SXML tool until recently. It looks much easier to use than M4, as well. Even though it might be decades before I actually fix the problem, if I get bored some evening after work I might make these changes happen.... (or not)

2008-08-28 01:10:02-0700 - "Code" Page Finally Avaialable

Yes, you heard correctly, the "code" page is finally up! It doesn't yet have any code on it, but it does have detailed descriptions of many of my free-time projects. (I just wrote it a couple hours ago so the spelling and grammar are probably atrocious, and it may not be complete, yet). Please bear with me.

2006-11-05 15:29:08-0800 - Misc Updates

Updates on the links section and my contact information is now posted. Someday I will post at least some of my ever-growing elisp collection, and my ever growing pile of Scheme utility functions and libraries. But it probably won't happen for a while because I don't want to release anything unless it is well documented and has a consistent interface. The stuff I was discussing in the previous update was mostly vaporware, sans the emacs enhancements.

2006.01.20 - New sections comming up

Soon I'll add pages detailing my wine configuration, my xemacs patches and enhancements, game reviews, and possibly an advocacy page for the greatest window manager ever created: orion. It won't necessarily happen soon, though.

Most of the sections have been revised, but I still haven't gotten around to fixing the "tutorials" and "articles" pages. Keep in mind that some links might break in the process, but the breakage should be minimal. Stay tuned.

2005.10.10 - Updates will only pertain to webpage

From now on, updates will only be relevant to this webpage. After some careful thought, (and perhaps my growing dislike for weblogs/blogs) I have decided that journals/logs should really be a private matter. (what happened to real journals, anyway?) I know that this really comes across as the epitome of hypocricy, as I'm using my webpage to project this thought, but I digress.

Anyway, I still haven't set up this page to use BSD M4 in conjunction with a Subversion repository, (the M4 processing would be done on my workstation, as well as the SCM server, but the SCM client would run on the webserver) to make the navigation consistent, (I need a way to to make static updates only to the most recently updated files in the repository, otherwise I will have to apply transformations on _EVERY_ file -- this would render the SVN repository pointless) but it is only a matter of time. I just need to work out the remaining technical issues, and then this page might actually see frequent updates. I mean it this time!